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RedWulfpower.de is your Minecraft survival paradise. Discover freedom in the freebuild, farm in diverse worlds and master the challenges of the tough farming world. Join our community and go on adventures!

Tree Clicker

You collect money by clicking on the tree. With the money you can buy things that collect the trees for you.

Tree Clicker App

The tree clicker is also available as an Android app in the PlayStore. The APP always has the current version like the one in the browser. This means you can also collect trees on the go.

Flappy Thing

To keep the thing in the air, you have to press it with your mouse / finger every time. There are many obstacles that you have to overcome.


Can you find all the mines in the minefield? You can set your own playing field or use one of the predefined playing fields.

Jump and Run

I'm trying to make a jump and run game with the Unity engine. It is currently still very, very early in development and there are little gimmicks to develop/test the functions.

Random Lines

Random lines are generated that move randomly. The reputation can be reassuring.